Chair Beside a Window

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Chair Beside A Window
Studio album by Jandek
Released 1982
Genre Folk, blues, outsider
Length 43:24
Label Corwood Industries
Producer Corwood Industries
Jandek chronology
Later On
Chair Beside A Window
Living in a Moon So Blue
Professional ratings
Review scores
Forced Exposure(favorable)[1]
AllMusic3/5 stars[2]

Chair Beside a Window is the fourth album by avant-folk/blues singer-songwriter Jandek, and Corwood Industries' first release of 1982 (No. 742).

It is the first Jandek album to feature a female vocalist, most likely named Nancy (the song is called "Nancy Sings"); in a letter to Irwin Chusid, Nancy is described as playing an "unaggressive drum stint," and the other female vocalist is referred to as "Nancy's sister Pat."[citation needed]

It is also the first album to reprise the song "European Jewel" after its "incomplete" version abruptly ended Jandek's debut album four years prior.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Down in a Mirror – 4:33
  2. European Jewel – 4:34
  3. Unconditional Authority – 3:49
  4. Poor Boy – 2:55
  5. You Think You Know How to Score – 2:30
  6. Nancy Sings – 2:55
  7. No Break – 3:16
  8. Mostly All from You – 3:03
  9. Blue Blister – 2:24
  10. The Times – 3:27
  11. Love, Love – 4:19
  12. The First End – 4:42


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