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The Senior Deputy Speaker is an officer of the House of Lords whose main role is to preside over the House when it is in committee (i.e., considering a bill at committee stage), either in the Lords Chamber or in Grand Committee, which is when committee stage is taken away from the floor to free up debating time in the main Chamber. The Senior Deputy Speaker deputises for the Lord Speaker, and like the Lord Speaker withdraws from political party membership. Additionally, the Senior Deputy Speaker chairs various select committees of the House, and has a role in the administration of the House. The current incumbent, Lord McFall of Alcluith, took the office on 1 September 2016. Up until September 2016 the position was known as Chairman of Committees.[1]

The Senior Deputy Speaker is assisted by the Principal Deputy Chairman of Committees and a panel of Deputy Chairmen of Committees. The Principal Deputy Chairman is Lord Boswell of Aynho. In addition to taking the chair in Committee of the Whole House and Grand Committee, Deputy Chairmen are appointed from time-to-time to serve with the Chairman of Committees on unopposed bill committees, which scrutinise private bills against which no petitions have been lodged.[2] Deputy Chairmen are, by practice, Deputy Speakers.[3]

As of 26 May 2016, the panel of Deputy Chairmen are[4]

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