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The Chairman of Committees was an elected position of the New Zealand Legislative Council. The role was established in 1865 and existed until the abolition of the Legislative Council. The roles of the Chairman of Committees were to deputise for the Speaker, and to chair the House when it was in committee. The role of Chairman of Committees also existed for the House of Representatives.


Initially, the Legislative Council elected its Chairman of Committees at the beginning of each parliamentary session, with the Legislative Council and the House of Representatives meeting at the same time. The Standing Orders were adjusted in 1928, providing for a three-year tenure in alignment with the electoral cycle of the House of Representatives.[1]

Office holders[edit]

The following is a list of Chairmen of Committees of the Legislative Council:[2]


 Independent    Liberal    Ind. Labour League    United    Labour  

No. Name Portrait Term start and end dates
1 Mathew Richmond No image.png 1865 1879
2 W. D. H. Baillie WDH Baillie.jpg 1879 1902
3 William Cowper Smith No image.png 1902 1903
4 John Rigg John Rigg.jpg 1903 1904
5 Richard Reeves Richard Harman Jeffares Reeves.jpg 1904
(3) William Cowper Smith No image.png 1904 1906
(5) Richard Reeves Richard Harman Jeffares Reeves.jpg 1906 1907
(3) William Cowper Smith No image.png 1907 1908
(5) Richard Reeves Richard Harman Jeffares Reeves.jpg 1908 1910
6 Walter Carncross Walter Carncross.jpg 1910 1918
7 Oliver Samuel No image.png 1918 1925
8 John Barr John Barr stonemason, 1930.jpg 1925 1930
9 Edward Henry Clark No image.png 1931 1932
10 Josiah Hanan Josiah Hanan.jpeg 1932 1939
11 Bernard Martin Bernard Martin.png 1939 1948
12 Michael Connelly Michael Connelly.png 1948 1950
13 Thomas Bloodworth Thomas Bloodworth.jpg 1950


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