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A chairman of the board is a seat of office in an organization, especially of corporations. Also "chairwoman". Now more commonly "chair" or "chairperson".

Chairman of the board may also refer to:

Film and television
As nicknames
  • Frank Sinatra, frequently referred to as The Chairman of the Board (of Reprise Records)
  • Whitey Ford, nicknamed Chairman of the Board
  • Eamonn Coghlan, nicknamed Chairman of the Boards (note the plural) because of his prowess in the indoor mile run
  • Moses Malone, occasionally referred to as "The Chairman of the Boards" for his on-court dominance and rebounding prowess during his tenure in the NBA
  • David Miscavige, frequently referred to by Scientologists as Chairman of the Board (or COB), his official title, rather than by name
  • Page McConnell, frequently referred to as "Chairman of the Boards"
  • Vince McMahon, frequently introduced as the "The Chairman of the Board"