Chaki Wardak Dam

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Chaki Wardak Dam
Chaki Wardak Dam is located in Afghanistan
Chaki Wardak Dam
Location of Chaki Wardak Dam in Afghanistan
LocationChaki Wardak District, Wardak Province, Afghanistan
Coordinates34°06′24″N 68°34′42″E / 34.106728°N 68.578339°E / 34.106728; 68.578339Coordinates: 34°06′24″N 68°34′42″E / 34.106728°N 68.578339°E / 34.106728; 68.578339
Opening datecahk
Owner(s)Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

The Chaki Wardak Dam (Pashto: چک وردګ برېښناکوټ‎), or simply the Chak Dam (Pashto: چک برېښناکوټ‎), is a dam near the Chak district center in Chaki Wardak District, Wardak Province, Afghanistan. It was originally built by Germans in 1938, making it the oldest major dam in the country.[1] It regulates flow of the Logar River, helping provide irrigation water in Chak Valley.


Wardak used to have a significant energy-generating capacity with the dam in Chaki Wardak. The four turbines could provide electricity to Wardak, and parts of Kabul, Logar and Ghazni provinces.[2]


In May 2005 the Chaki Wardak Dam nearly overflowed as its main and emergency floodgates were rusted shut after six years of dry weather. The UN Development Programme, the Afghanistan Emergency Trust Fund, and the Ministry of Energy and Water, took emergency action to address the threat. The co-operative effort saw a rapid response through immediate financing, planning and implementation of a 16-metre ancillary gate that could hold the water while the rusted gates were lifted and repaired.[3][4] The repairs were successful at a reported cost of US$18,000 allowing evacuated residents to return to their homes in the valley.[4]

Partnered ANSF and ISAF walk across the Chaki Wardak Dam in 2011

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