Chak 44/12.L

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Chak No. 44/12.L

چک 44 باراں ایل
Tree in Pahri village (Sahiwal District, Punjab).jpg
Chak No. 44/12.L is located in Pakistan
Chak No. 44/12.L
Chak No. 44/12.L
Coordinates: 30°17′N 72°25′E / 30.28°N 72.41°E / 30.28; 72.41
157 m (515 ft)
 • Total10,000
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)
Calling code040

44/12.L (also known as Pahri) is a village of Sahiwal District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is located at 30°28'0N 72°41'0E with an altitude of 157 metres (518 feet). Neighbouring settlements include Agra and Tirathpur.[1] It is 8 km south of Chichawatni, at the right bank of Canal 12.L, a branch of the Lower Bari Doab canal.

==History== India The village was settled in 1913, when the settlement of this area was started. A majority of the population came from different villages of the Hoshiarpur District. '''The Major casts from District Hoshiarpur Migrated Wains and Lyosa(Mutton Village Tehsil Gargh Shankar District Hoshiarpur Punjab India) at Chak No. 44/12.L Chichawatni Punjab Pakistan '''


Coordinates: 30°28′00″N 72°41′00″E / 30.46667°N 72.68333°E / 30.46667; 72.68333