Chak No. 129 NB

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Chak No. 129 NB
Chak No. 129 NB is located in Pakistan
Chak No. 129 NB
Chak No. 129 NB
Location in Pakistan
Coordinates: 32°11′18″N 73°01′43″E / 32.18833°N 73.02861°E / 32.18833; 73.02861Coordinates: 32°11′18″N 73°01′43″E / 32.18833°N 73.02861°E / 32.18833; 73.02861
Country Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Sargodha

Chak No.129 N.B. is a village of Sillanwali Tehsil in Sargodha District, Punjab, Pakistan. It was established by the British Government of India about 1900. It is a well situated village, being about 35 km away from Sargodha city southward and 3 km from its Tehsil Headquarters Sillanwali at Faruka Road. It is surrounded by Sillanwali city in north east, Chak 130 NB in east, Chak 144/145(Shamsabad) in south west, Chak 128 NB in west. Chishtia Sugre mill Farooqa is also situated at this road which is 5 km away from 129 NB, Chak 125 NB in north west and Chak 127 NB in north.


Its Population is about 4000 persons. Major clans are Khokhar, Rajput, Arain, Syed, Khichi, Awan, Mangla Demys, Bloch (Khan) and Afghani Pathan. Historically, the majority of people living in this village are farmers who own their land, but as times change, these people have been progressively going into business. The village is still entirely agricultural. Its major crops are wheat, sugar cane, cotton, barley, oats, pulses and citrus. It is easily accessible from major cities via Sargodha Road, Faruka Road, Barana Road and a railway track. The railway track was laid down by British Government in 1926. The northern branch of Lower Jhelum Canal (constructed in 1904), provides better irrigation to the village. Most of the original population of Chak No.129 N.B. consisted of Military Pensioners who served the British Government and were allotted agricultural lands in this area as a reward.