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A rainy day in central Chake-Chake
The Chief Minister's Office of Zanzibar's Revolutionary Government in Chake-Chake
Umoja Children's Park on the outskirts of Chake Chake.
City map of Chake-Chake (Pemba)

Chake-Chake is a city located on the Tanzanian island of Pemba. It is in the centre of a deep indentation in the west coast called Chake-Chake Bay.

Chake-Chake is the capital of Pemba Central region. Pemba's only airport is 7 km south-east of Chake-Chake. The Mkama Ndume ruins are close to the airport in Pujini village.

map of Mkama-Ndume ruins at Pujini, close to Chake-Chake

Coordinates: 5°14′45″S 39°46′0″E / 5.24583°S 39.76667°E / -5.24583; 39.76667