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Wardak Vase and coins in the British Museum

Chaki Wardak (Pashto: چک وردګ‎, also known as Chak) is a district in the south of Wardak Province, Afghanistan. Its population was estimated at 83,376 in 2005, the last year for which figures are available. The district centre is the village of Chaki Wardak.

Outside Chaki Wardak there are many ancient Buddhist remains, including a fortified monastery and six stupas, one of which contained a bronze vase with a Kharoshthi inscription that held 61 Kushan coins, which is now in the British Museum's collection.[1]

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Coordinates: 34°06′30.80″N 68°34′47.19″E / 34.1085556°N 68.5797750°E / 34.1085556; 68.5797750