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Chakraborty is a surname from the Indian subcontinent meaning ′Ruler of the country′ or 'Emperor'.[1][2] It is derived from the Sanskrit words cakra (wheel) and 'vart' (to roll or turn) which metaphorically denotes a ruler whose chariot wheels roll without obstruction.[2] Common in Bengali Hindus of India and Bangladesh, the surname is found especially within the Brahmins.[3][4][5] It is spelled in various ways, including Chakravarty, Chakravartty, Chakraverty, Chakraverty, Chakraborty, Chakraborti, Chokroborti, Chakrabarti, Chakrabarty, Chakraverty, Chakravarty, Chakravarti, Chakrawarti, Chakravartin, Chakravorti, Chakrabortty, Chakravorty and Chuckreverty.

Origin and meaning[edit]

Sanskrit čakravartī literally means ‘wheels rolling’ (čakra ‘wheel’ + vart ‘to roll or turn’); metaphorically, it describes a ruler whose chariot wheels roll everywhere without obstruction.[2]

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