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Indian Railway Station
Chalakudy railway station 2013-11-18 14-58.jpg
Coordinates10°18′07″N 76°19′19″E / 10.302°N 76.322°E / 10.302; 76.322
Owned byIndian Railways
Structure typeStandard on-ground station
Bicycle facilitiesYes
Other information
Station codeCKI
Fare zoneSouthern Railway
Passengers10000 per day (includes up and down passengers, may vary)
Preceding station   Indian Railways   Following station
Southern Railway zone
Chalakudi is located in India
Location within India
Chalakudi is located in Kerala
Chalakudi (Kerala)

Chalakudi Railway Station (Station Code: CKI) is an important railway station between Irinjalakuda Railway Station and Divine Nagar railway station in the busy Shoranur-Cochin Harbour section in Thrissur district. Chalakudi Railway Station is operated by the Chennai-headquartered Southern Railways of the Indian Railways. It is an 'A' class station under Trivandrum division, and the second largest station in Thrissur District after Thrissur railway station. It is also the first station declared as Adarsh station in Thrissur District. [1][2] The nearest airport is Cochin International Airport which is 19 kilometers away from here.[3]

Trains Passing Through Chalakudi Railway Station[edit]

No. Train No: Origin Destination Train Name
1. 22640/22639 Alleppey Chennai Alleppey Chennai superfast Express
2. 16307/16308 Alleppey Cannanore Alleppey Kannur Express
3. 16341/16342 Guruvayur Trivandrum Guruvayur Trivandrum Intercity Express
4. 12512/12511 Thiruvananthapuram Central Gorakhpur Junction Raptisagar Express
5. 16302/16301 Thiruvananthapuram Central Shornur Junction Venad Express
6. 22646/22645 Thiruvananthapuram Central Indore Junction Ahilyanagari Express
7. 16128/16127 Guruvayur Chennai Egmore Guruvayur Express
8. 16606/16605 Nagercoil Mangalore Ernad Express
9. 16865/16866 Ernakulam South Karaikal Tea Garden Express
10. 16305/16306 Ernakulam South Kannur Intercity Express
11. 16307/16308 Ernakulam South Kannur Executive Express
12. 12522/12521 Ernakulam South Barauni Superfast Express
13. 16649/16650 Mangalore Nagercoil Parasuram Express
14. 16381/16382 Mumbai CST Kanyakumari Jayanthi Janatha Express
15. 16525/16526 Kanyakumari Bangalore Island Express
16. 16629/16630 Trivandrum Mangalore Malabar Express
17. 16347/16348 Trivandrum Mangalore Mangalore Express
18. 22647/22648 Korba Trivandrum Korba Superfast Express
No. Train No: Origin Destination
1. 56608 Ernakulam South Shoranur
2. 56606 Ernakulam South Shoranur
3. 66612 Ernakulam South Palakad Jn (MEMU)
4. 56375 Ernakulam South Guruvayur
5. 56370 Ernakulam South Guruvayur
6. 56606 Ernakulam South Guruvayur
7. 56363 Ernakulam South Nilambur
8. 56366 Punalur Guruvayur (FP)
9. 56608 Ernakulam South Guruvayur


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