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Chalchiuhtotolin, as depicted in the Codex Telleriano-Remensis.

In Aztec mythology, Chalchiuhtotolin /ɑːljuːttlin/ (Nahuatl for "Jade Turkey") was a god of disease and plague. He may be an aspect or alias of Tezcatlipoca.

In the Aztec calendar, Chalchiuhtotolin is the lord of the thirteen days from 1 Water to 13 Crocodile. The preceding thirteen days are ruled over by Xolotl, and the following thirteen by Chantico. He has a particularly an evil side to him. Even though he is shown with the customary green feathers, most codices show him bent over and with black/white eyes, which is a sign reserved for evil gods such as Tezcatlipoca, Mictlantecuhtli, and Xolotl. Another depiction of Chalchiuhtotolin's evil side includes the sharp silver of his talons. His nahual, of course, is a turkey in which he terrorizes villages, bringing disease and sickness.