Chaldean Catholic Eparchy of Alquoch

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Eparchy of Alquoch
Alquoshensis Chaldæorum
Country Iraq
- Catholics

32,070 (in 2009)
Denomination Roman Catholic
Rite Chaldean Rite
Established October 24, 1960
Secular priests 11 (in 2009)
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Patriarch Vacant
Bishop Mar Mikha Pola Maqdassi

The Eparchy of Alqosh is the Chaldaean rite eparchy in Iraq, that was established in 1960.

The bishop is dependent to the Patriarch of Babylon.

Eparchial bishops[edit]

Bishops and archbishops of the Eparchy and their terms of service:

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Coordinates: 36°44′00″N 43°06′00″E / 36.7333°N 43.1000°E / 36.7333; 43.1000