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Seasonworkers (or Saisonaires) are those from the United Kingdom who spend either their summers or their winters working abroad for Tour Operators. The jobs usually have low pay, but accommodation is generally included, as are ski passes for winter seasons. Seasonworkers usually benefit from much free time, discounts in the resort and the chance to learn a new culture.

Profile of a seasonworker[edit]

A seasonworker can spend up to eight months abroad, and as a result, the job is often filled by those on a gap year, students, or those looking for a career break.

Due to the holiday-like conditions they live in, Repping seasonworkers have a reputations of being somewhat rowdy and irresponsible - encouraging binge-drinking,[1] an image largely promoted by programmes such as Ibiza Uncovered and Club Reps. This led to a backlash against many Brits abroad holidays by the police and other authorities.[2]

However, seasonworkers who work for family camping companies such as Canvas Holidays, Eurocamp, Camping Life and Keycamp may be somewhat unhappy being associated with the word Reps and so go by the traditional title of courier. Either way, it can be a good life, but there are times when hard work is required, usually on changeover days when everything needs cleaning. Also on many campsites owners insist that live tents are generally situated in the worse location i.e. next to rubbish containers or cesspits!).[3]

Seasonworkers for the above mentioned companies generally get to live in a tent for the summer. While this may sound bad the tents are big and have their own bedrooms. There is a least one tent that is used as the Live Tent. A Live tent is used for cooking and general socialising. This can be hard too depending on the location of the toilet blocks and water supplies. Some companies provide mobile homes for their couriers but not all.

The best seasonal work comes with qualifications. Sailing Instructors and Ski Instructors enjoy an excellent liefestyle, compared to those just acting as reps, chalet maids, cleaners, cooks etc.


Camping seasonworkers will generally have to wear brightly coloured uniforms consisting of shorts, T-shirts, tracksuit bottoms, fleeces and caps. The colours of the uniforms reflect each company's unique branding. Canvas couriers - who shall be unveiling re-styled uniform for 2007 - can be found in orange and blue, whilst Eurocamp staff wear their traditional colours of red and green. In 2007 Eurocamp updated a new style uniform, dropping the yellow band from the collar. In 2006, Keycamp's uniform changed from their traditional navy and yellow to navy and light blue.


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