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Chalky (from Cor!!) Merged with Buster issue dated 22 June 1974[1] Chalky was created and first drawn by Terry Bave in the 24 July 1971 issue of Cor!. He was more regularly drawn by Dick Millington and Gordon Hill.[2]

A talented and super fast artist, Chalky would use his chalks on all surfaces, including walls, fences, pavements, planks and even glass. In the early issues he is a very good character, by the 1990s his character has become more mischievous. Many issues featured his mum and dad.

Around 1981 Chalky was voted, by the readers to be more popular than Buster and featured on the front cover for that issue.[2]

The last few years of Buster were reprint material only, Chalky's longevity continuing until Buster's end at the beginning of 2000 [3] The very last page of this last Buster features Chalky being arrested for vandalism, acknowledging his wrongdoing, and asking for 92,487 further cases to be taken into consideration.


Chalky is the son of another well known Chalky, Chalky (or Chalkie) White. Chalky senior is a friend of Andy Capp, the eponymous layabout character from the cartoon strip featured in the Daily Mirror.[4]


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