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The Chalukya Express is a train that originates from Pondicherry/Tirunelveli Junction and terminates at Dadar in Mumbai. This train belongs to the Central Railway zone and is hence numbered 11005/11006(for Pondicherry) and 11021/11022.(for Tirunelveli)

11017 Chalukya Express
Chalukya Express

This train runs via the Karnataka region, following a Yeswanthpur-Hubli-Belgaum-Miraj route, giving a panoramic view of rural Karnataka. It operates 6 days per week in each direction - 3 days to Pondicherry and 3 days to Tirunelveli Junction. The train covers the distance in 30 hrs 5 minutes. This route is longer and comprises certain ghats.


This train gets its name from the Chalukya Dynasty that ruled the Karnataka region.