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Cham may refer to:


  • Cham Albanians, also spelled Çam, a people originating in northern Greece of Albanian descent
  • Cham people, in Vietnam and Cambodia
  • Cham (singer) (born 1979), Jamaica reggae singer known for the single "Ghetto Story"
  • Cham., standard author abbreviation for botanist Adelbert von Chamisso (1781-1838)
  • Chamillionaire (born 1979), American rapper
  • Cham Prasidh (born 1951), Cambodian Minister of Trade
  • Adongo Agada Cham (1959–2011), king of the Anuak people of Sudan and Ethiopia
  • Jorge Cham (born 1976), comic-book artist
  • Patrick Cham (born 1959), French basketball player
  • Amédée de Noé (1818–1879), French artist whose pseudonym was "Cham"
  • A variant spelling of Ham


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  • Cham cham, a traditional Bengali sweet
  • Kham, one of several provinces comprising traditional Tibet