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‏‎ ‎چمن‎
Chaman Gate border between Pakistan and Afghanistan
Chaman Gate border between Pakistan and Afghanistan
Chaman is located in Balochistan, Pakistan
Chaman is located in Pakistan
Chaman is located in Asia
Chaman is located in Earth
Coordinates: 30°55′20″N 66°26′41″E / 30.92222°N 66.44472°E / 30.92222; 66.44472Coordinates: 30°55′20″N 66°26′41″E / 30.92222°N 66.44472°E / 30.92222; 66.44472
DistrictChaman District
1,338 m (4,390 ft)
 • Total123,191
 • Rank76th in Pakistan;
5th largest city in Balochistan
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)
Number of Union Councils13

Chaman (Balochi, Pashto and Urdu: چمن‎) is a city and recently claimed as a new district of Balochistan named Chaman District as it was earlier a part of district Qila Abdullah District located on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. It is the capital of Chaman District, Balochistan, Pakistan. It is situated just south of the Wesh–Chaman border crossing with the neighbouring Kandahar Province of Afghanistan. After the capital Quetta, Chaman is the fifth-largest city and tehsil in the Pashtun majority northern part of Balochistan, and is also Balochistan's fifth-largest city.


With an influence from the local steppe climate, Chaman features a hot semi-arid climate (Köppen BSh). The average annual temperature in Chaman is 19.0 °C, while the annual precipitation averages 232 mm. June is the driest month with 0 mm of rainfall, while the wettest month is January, with an average 65 mm of precipitation.

July is the hottest month of the year with an average temperature of 31.0 °C. The coldest month January has an average temperature of 6.4 °C.

Climate data for Chaman
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 13.3
Daily mean °C (°F) 6.4
Average low °C (°F) −0.4


Chaman has a railway station which accommodates services with Kandahar as well as other parts of Afghanistan. A slow passenger train runs between Chaman and Quetta daily. In 2008, it was proposed to extend this railway through Afghanistan to Central Asia. Chaman is on the silk road on the eastern side.


The town is an important trade point in the Balochistan region, providing a gateway on the trade routes between Afghanistan and Karachi. It underwent development during the martial law period of the 1980s. People of the city import many things like cars, motor bikes, motor rickshaws. Japanese, Chinese and UAE phones, cosmetics, perfumes, and many other consumer goods from Afghanistan into Pakistan.[3]

This is now totally banned by FC Colonel Usman and the peopled are left to deprive from hunger. No notable factories, jobs and sources of living are present in the district for the masses. In spite of this in order to improve the living of the people, the government and FC officials grabbed the only source of income from the people by imposing sanctions on imports from Afghanistan.


Chaman has been known for its football since the 1940s and is home of Afghan Football Club and Muslim Football Club, which plays in the Pakistan Premier League. There were more than 80 local football clubs in the chaman during 2001 and more than 2000 players participate in intra-district football tournament every year. The Jamal Nasir Shaheed Stadium, Millat stadium, Baghicha ground and Essa Khan Stadium are located in the town. More than a dozen players of Afghan FC and Muslim FC played for the Pakistan national football team, including the captain Mohammad Essa, Jadid Khan Pathan, Kaleem Ullah. Also Chaman have many popular soccer players like former Pakistan Team Captain, Kaleem Ullah (recently playing a league in USA and Iraq) Mehmood Khan, Dawood Khan (a Khan brother), Himat Khan, Majeed Khan and Saeed Khan (also brothers), Shams uddin Achakzai, Sadullah (sado) and Hayat Ullah.

One of the oldest players, Haji abdul Qayyum aka Khadako, currently coaches the Pak Army football Club Chaman. Mohammad Essa was also the head coach of Pakistan national team during 2017–18. Chaman City football teams include:

  1. Afghan FC Chaman
  2. Muslim FC Chaman
  3. Millat Stadium FC
  4. Shaista Pashtoon FC
  5. Pak Afghan FC
  6. Chaman Football Club
  7. Buldia FCC
  8. Shaista Abbaseen Shaeed Football Club (Shams Academy)
  9. Gulshan football club Chaman

Besides football, Chaman is the home of Asian Gold Medalist in boxing Meer Wais Khan. He belongs to Akbar Boxing Club led by Khudadad Khan Achakzai. Abdul Latif Ashezai (Wushu King) is a recent gold medal winner in National Games 2021 played in Quetta.

People of Chaman are also interested in other sports such as, Cricket, Cycling, Bike Racing and Running. After Football, the most favorite sports played in Chaman is Cricket. The fanbase of Pakistan Cricket team is huge in the city. The major international matches of Pakistan Cricket team are even seen in big screens arranged in ground of Govt High School Chaman. Youngsters always wear kits with name of Major player of national cricket. Shahid Afridi is one of the most favorite player of every generation of Chaman. The city has also produced national level players but unfortunately they are given less opportunities to prove their talent. For example, Asghar Khan Achakzai who played for Peshawar Zalmi in Pakistan Cricket League (PSL) proved a world class bowler but still he was taken once in Sixteen Squad for an International Series, unfortunately, was not given a chance to play a signal match over there. Few of the popular Cricket Teams in Chaman are:

1.College Eleven Cricket Club

2.Dawood Cricket Academy

3.Airport Club CC

4.Aman Ullah Academy CC

5.MS Academy CC

6.Millat Cricket Club

7.Shair Ali Cricket Academy

8.Katib Cricket Academy etc. are the most prominent cricket clubs in District Chaman. Recently the owner of Dawood Academy Muhammad Dawood with the collaboration of Naseeb Ullah Misbah and Muhammad Tahir played a tremendous role in Chaman Cricket by organizing an event by the name of Chaman Premier League CPL to promote the local cricket and bring financers for the local Cricketers.

Afghanistan War and terrorism[edit]

Chaman has been used by NATO forces as a major supply route into Afghanistan since 2000.[3]

On 30 August 2009, an attack on a NATO convoy destroyed 20 fuel tankers and other supply trucks. The attackers reportedly fired rockets and small arms before destroying the trucks.[3][4]

Thousands of Afghan refugees enter Pakistan via the Chaman route on a regular basis.[5]

Bombings occurred in 2017, 2020 Chaman bombing, and 2021.

Notable people[edit]


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