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Chamangá is located in Uruguay
Location in Uruguay
Coordinates: 33°40′00″S 56°35′00″W / 33.66667°S 56.58333°W / -33.66667; -56.58333Coordinates: 33°40′00″S 56°35′00″W / 33.66667°S 56.58333°W / -33.66667; -56.58333
Country Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay
Department Flores Department

Chamangá is an area within a rocky terrain in the Flores Department of Uruguay, where a considerable quantity of ancient rock art has survived.[1]

The Chamangá River, a tributary of the Yí River, flows nearby.


In recent years there has been some considerable interest in these examples of rock art, both by the Uruguayan government [2] and by academic researchers.

Notable people related to this area[edit]


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