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Chamber of Deputies
Chambre des Députés
Coat of arms or logo
Donatille Mukabalisa, Liberal Party
Since 3 October 2013
Seats 80
Rwandan Chamber of Deputies.svg
Political groups
  RPF Coalition: 41 seats
  Social Democratic Party: 7 seats
  Liberal Party: 5 seats
  Indirectly elected members: 27 seats
Proportional representation and indirect election
Last election
16-18 September 2013
Meeting place
Coat of arms of Rwanda.svg
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The Chamber of Deputies (Kinyarwanda: Umutwe w'Abadepite; French: Chambre des Députés) is the lower house of the bicameral national legislature of Rwanda. It was created under the new Constitution adopted by referendum in 2003.


The Chamber is made up of 80 deputies. Of these, 53 are elected for five-years term by proportional representation and 24 are elected by provincial councils; of the remainder, two are appointed by the National Youth Council, and one by the Federation of the Associations of the Disabled.

Election result[edit]

The first election to the new Chamber of Deputies was held on 29 and 30 September 2003. Of 3,958,058 registered voters, 3,818,603 votes were cast (96.5% turnout) and the 53 directly elected seats were distributed as follows:

e • d Summary of the 30 September 2003 Chamber of Deputies of Rwanda election results
Parties Votes % Seats
Coalition Rwandese Patriotic Front (Front patriotique rwandais) 2,774,661 73.8 33
Christian Democratic Party (Parti démocratique chrêtien) 3
Islamic Democratic Party (Parti démocratique islamique) 2
Rwandese Socialist Party (Parti socialiste rwandais) 1
Democratic Union of the Rwandese People (Union démocratique du People rwandais) 1
Social Democratic Party (Parti social démocrate) 462,254 12.3 7
Liberal Party (Parti libéral) 396,978 10.6 6
Party for Progress and Concord (Parti pour le Progrès et la Concorde) 83,563 2.2 -
Total (turnout 96.5 %) 3,760,602 100.0 53
Source: African Elections

The first five parties make up the FPR-led ruling coalition.

With 51 out of 80 of its members being women, the Rwandan Chamber of Deputies has the highest proportion of women members of any lower or sole legislative chamber in the world.[1]

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