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Chamberlayne College for the Arts
Motto Working Together We All Succeed
Established 1957
Type Foundation school
Executive Headteacher Susan Trigger
Location Tickleford Drive
SO19 9QP
England England
Coordinates: 50°53′16″N 1°21′31″W / 50.8878°N 1.3586°W / 50.8878; -1.3586
Local authority Southampton
DfE URN 116454 Tables
Ofsted Reports
Students 900
Gender Coeducational
Ages 11–16

Chamberlayne College for the Arts is the main secondary school in Weston, Southampton, providing education for around 900 boys and girls aged between 11 and 16. The school also specialises in the Arts.[1] The school's KS3 results were in the top 100 most improved between 2004 and 2007.[2] In addition the school received a very positive Ofsted inspection in January 2008.[3]


School name[edit]

Weston Park Girls' open in 1957, its name reflecting the single gender attendance of the school. Nearby was Weston Park Boys School, recently rebranded to Grove Park Business and Enterprise College and then in September 2008 closed along with Woolston School Language College to make way for Oasis Academy Mayfield.[4]

Previous School Logo

It was decided that from 1993 the school would admit both genders. The last all girl year group left in 1997 and the school was renamed to Chamberlayne Park Secondary School after the Chamberlayne family who donated the land for the school to be built on.

Starting from September 2008 the school was rebranded as Chamberlayne College for the Arts to reflect its specialist status in the Performing Arts. The school blazer was changed from blue to black. The house system was removed, before being reinstated a year later with houses Cook, Drake, Raleigh and Shackleton along with a vertical tutoring system.


After the spring term 2006, Richard Hillary retired after twelve years in the role (and twenty years at the school). For the next two terms Ian Knights, head of Hamble Community Sports College stood in as a temporary leader. During this time he was head of two schools. In January 2007 Chris Kelly was appointed as headteacher. Chris Kelly retired at the end of 2011. From January 2012, Susan Trigger became "executive headteacher" at the school, in addition to her existing role at Bitterne Park School. This arrangement is expected to last between 12 and 18 months.[5]


A number of additional buildings have been added to the school's aging main building. These have tended to be specialist facilities, such as Science labs, Performing Arts studios and Technology workshops. A number of famous people have opened these buildings.

Date Subject Areas Named after and opened by
 ? Art, Technology N/A
May 1999 Science, Library, ICT Patrick Moore[6]
September 2000 Music, Dance, Drama Darcey Bussell[6][7]
September 2003 English, Maths Emma Richards[6]

Smaller developments are continuously being made to the buildings, for example during 2007 a new Music Room was built (along with new practice rooms) and the old music room was converted to a Dance/Drama multipurpose room.

The school was to be completely rebuilt under the Building Schools for the Future programme.[8][9] The plans included provision for twelve pupils with physical disabilities. A draft plan for the new build was released on 24 October 2009, with the hope work would begin in early 2012. On 5 July 2010 the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, announced that the Building Schools for the Future programme was to be scrapped. BSF projects which had not achieved the status of 'financial close', including Chamberlayne, would not proceed.[10]

Part of the School Radio Station


Performing arts[edit]

In September 2006 the school became a performing arts school.[1] This means the school gets extra money to spend on Dance, Drama and Music. The school gained an Artsmark award in 2001.[11] In 2004 Ofsted said the school had 'a very strong provision for the performing arts'.[12] From September 2009, the Higher Creative Media Diploma has been available.[13]

Physical education[edit]

The school PE department teach all the 'traditional' sports but also, more recently, have started clubs for more unusual sports, including Extreme Golf and Ultimate Frisbee.[14]

Traditionally physical education has been taught in schools by dividing each year group into two groups. Within each of these big groups would be two boys' groups and two girls' groups. Starting in the 2006 school year the department experimented with groups based not on gender or ability, but on different learning styles. For example one group is a team games group, another problem solving and another movement.

The school regularly uses the £2.6 million Chamberlayne Leisure Centre situated adjacent to the site.

Extracurricular activities[edit]

  • The school has a thriving young carers group.[15]
  • The Arts Leadership Council has recently been created. The council meets on a regular basis, discussing the arts within the school. It has played a major part in the development of the school's learning portal, on which it distributes films and of school artistic events.
  • Territory Mapping, a 'Future Mapping' careers program.[16][17][18]
  • Faith and Football Business Enterprise Challenge - in 2008 the school team won the 'Business Drive' award.[19] The 2009 team EnviROM, raised £2000 and won the competition, selling educational environmental discs.[20][21]
  • The school has a radio station accessible through the internet.[22] From September 2008 this was expanded to be a 'real' radio station broadcasting through speakers in the school playground and hall during break times.
  • There is a Bullying Intervention Group (BIG) which was heavily involved in an anti-bullying Bullies Aren't Sharp so What's the Point? video. It can be watched online at the NSPCC website and was offered free to local schools.[23][24] The group won a Diana Memorial Award in January 2008,2009 &2010

School productions[edit]

The school performs a musical in the first week of July. Many people from throughout the school community are involved in some way. For example the technology department makes costumes and sets, which the art department paints. The performers in the productions give up break and lunch times; time after school and some of their half term holiday to perfect the performances.

The 2009 performance of West Side Story was a tragic contrast from the usual choice of musicals. For example the previous yearselections from a variety of musicals were performed by each year group had a certain musical(s) to perform, includingHairspray, Oliver!, Moulin Rouge, Bugsy Malone, Dirty Dancing and High School Musical 2. Full musicals from previous years include High School Musical; The Wiz;[25] Grease and Annie.[12]

Rock Challenge[edit]

Since 2004, the school has participated in the Southampton heats of Rock Challenge UK.

Date Title Position Awards
3 March 2010[26] Alien Nation 2nd
  • Award for Press Coverage
  • Award for School Community Support
  • Hampshire County Council Award for Choreography
  • Hampshire County Council Award for Make-up Design
  • Tega Award for Lighting Design
4 March 2009[27] This is Rock 'n Roll 3rd
  • Hampshire Children’s Services Award for Best Performance Skill
  • Isle of Wight Youth Inclusion Forum Award for Best Set Design and Staging
  • Hampshire Police Authority Award for Spirit of Rock Challenge
5 March 2008[28][29] At What Cost? 3rd
  • Southampton City Council Award for Best Set Design
  • Hampshire Constabulary Performers' Choice Award (Emily Hansford)
  • Southampton City Council Award for Best Lighting Design
  • Award for Media Management
  • Award for School Community Support
14 March 2007[30] 2nd
  • Connexions South Central Award for Best Set Design and Staging
  • Isle of Wight Healthy Schools Award for Concept Originality
  • Hampshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team Award for Achievement in Drug Awareness
  • Award for Media Management
  • Award for School Community Support
  • Southampton Drug and Alcohol Action Team Award for Healthy Lifestyle
  • Gemma Dale Unsung Hero Award (to Sam Pickard)
  • National Open Award for Concept Interpretation
  • National award for Achievement in Drug Awareness
  • National award for Healthy Lifestyle
1 March 2006[31] 2nd
  • Best Set Design and Staging
  • Best Choreography
  • Achievement in Drug Awareness
  • Media Management
  • School Community Support
  • Healthy Lifestyle
3 March 2005[32] 2nd
  • Best Set Design & Staging
  • Most Entertaining Performance
  • Best Achievement in Drug Awareness
3 March 2004[33] Rhythmic Conflict: Earth v Pollution (Not in top 3)
  • Constabulary Best Concept Originality Award
  • Isle of Wight Healthy Schools
  • Best Lighting Design Award
  • Gosport Borough Council Media Management Award


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