Chambermaid (EP)

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Chambermaid (EP).jpg
EP by Emilie Autumn
Released 2001
Genre Electronic music
Length 50 min.
Label Traitor Records
Emilie Autumn chronology
On a Day...
By the Sword

Chambermaid EP has been considered as a single from the album Enchant by Emilie Autumn, even though it was released prior to the album. Most tracks were released on different albums. This was released with Autumn's own label, Traitor, which no longer exists. For that reason, Chambermaid is no longer in print.

Where to find[edit]

As noted before, most of the songs from this release can be found on other releases: "Chambermaid (Decomposition Mix)" is the only song not found anywhere else. You can find tracks 2 and 6 on A Bit o' This & That under the names of "Chambermaid (Space Mix)" and "What If (Celtic Mix)". Also featured on A Bit o' This & That are "Hollow Like My Soul" and "I Don't Care Much". "Largo" and "Revelry" can be found on Laced/Unlaced, whilst "Chambermaid" and "What If" are found on Enchant.

Track list[edit]

  1. "Chambermaid"
  2. "Chambermaid (Space Mountain Mix)"
  3. "Chambermaid (Decomposition Mix)"
  4. "Largo for Violin & Harpsichord"
  5. "What If"
  6. "What If (Blackbird Remix)"
  7. "Hollow Like My Soul"
  8. "I Don't Care Much"
  9. "Revelry"