Chambers Glacier

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Chambers Glacier (83°17′S 49°25′W / 83.283°S 49.417°W / -83.283; -49.417Coordinates: 83°17′S 49°25′W / 83.283°S 49.417°W / -83.283; -49.417) is a glacier in the Forrestal Range of the Pensacola Mountains, draining east from Mount Lechner and Kent Gap, at the juncture of Saratoga Table and Lexington Table, to enter Support Force Glacier. It was discovered and photographed on January 13, 1956 on a transcontinental patrol plane flight of U.S. Navy Operation Deep Freeze I from McMurdo Sound to the vicinity of the Weddell Sea and return. It was named by the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names after Captain Washington I. Chambers, U.S. Navy, one of the pioneers in the development of the airplane catapult for ships.