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Chamkanni is a Pashtun tribe son of Ghoryakhel some member in Afghanistan. The Chamkannis residing in the western part of the Kuram valley in Tirah are considered[by whom?] to be a distinct race. During the Tirah Campaign (1897–98) of the British Raj, the bands of rebellious Chamkannis were also attacked.


There are two adjoining Chamkanni tribal areas on either side of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. According to the GEONet Name Server (GNS) database, there is a large Chamkanni tribal area, roughly located around the western part of the Khurmana river valley in Pakistan.[1] Across the border in the Paktia Province of Afghanistan, also in the GNS database, there is a tribal area for the Chakmanni tribe. However, this is most likely either a variant or misspelling, because this tribal area is located in a populated place called Chamkani. A British colonial source states that the Chamkanni are located between the Kurram river valley and the Tirah region.[2]


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