Chamois Coloured goat

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Chamois Coloured Goat
a brown goat with horns and a bell at its neck
A Chamois Coloured Goat of the horned Grisons type
Conservation statusFAO (2007): not at risk[1]
Other names
  • French: Chèvre chamoisée
  • German: Gämsfarbige Gebirgsziege
  • Italian: Camosciata delle Alpi
Country of originSwitzerland
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • Italy
  • Male:
    minimum 75 kg[3]
  • Female:
    minimum 55 kg[3]
  • Male:
    85 cm[3]
  • Female:
    75 cm[3]
Wool colourbrown with black dorsal stripe and lower limbs
Face colourbrown with black facial stripes
Horn statushorned and hornless types[4]
Beardmales bearded[4]
  • Goat
  • Capra aegagrus hircus

The Chamois Coloured Goat, French: Chèvre chamoisée, German: Gämsfarbige Gebirgsziege, Italian: Camosciata delle Alpi,[5] is an indigenous breed of domestic goat from Switzerland. It is distributed throughout Switzerland and in parts of northern Italy and Austria, and has been exported to other countries including France. There are two strains, a horned type from the Grisons or Graubünden in the eastern part of the country, and a hornless type from the former bezirk of Oberhasli and the area of Brienz and Lake Brienz in the Bernese Oberland in central Switzerland.[2]:326 In some countries the hornless variety may be considered a separate breed, the Oberhasli goat. The Swiss herd-book was established in 1930.[2]:326

Registration and numbers[edit]

A mixed herd of goats, with Chamois Coloured Goats in the centre, with darker Grisons Striped Goats behind them

In Switzerland the Chamois Coloured Goat is among the principal national goat breeds for which a herd-book is kept by the Schweizerischer Ziegenzuchtverband, the Swiss federation of cantonal goat breeders' associations. In Italy, under the name Camosciata delle Alpi, it is one of the eight autochthonous Italian goat breeds for which a genealogical herd-book is kept by the Associazione Nazionale della Pastorizia, the Italian national association of sheep- and goat-breeders;[6][7]:29 the Italian herd-book was activated in 1973.[8]:383

At the end of 2013 the number reported for Switzerland was 13,000[9] and the registered population in Italy was 6237.[10] A population of 2526–3000 was reported from Austria in 2012.[11]


The milk yield per lactation of the Chamois Coloured Goat in Switzerland is given as >700 kg, with 3.4% fat and 2.9% protein.[3] Measurements made in Italy in 2004 gave figures of 343 ± 115 litres for primiparous, 506 ± 205 l for secondiparous, and 539 ± 228 l for pluriparous, nannies,[8]:384 with an average of 3.24% fat and 3.13% protein.[2]:327


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