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Champagne breakfast

A champagne breakfast is a breakfast served with champagne or sparkling wine. It is a new concept in some countries[1] and is not typical of the role of a breakfast.

It may be part of any day or outing considered particularly luxurious or indulgent. The accompanying breakfast is sometimes of a similarly high standard [2] and include rich foods such as salmon, caviar,[3] chocolate or pastries, which would not ordinarily be eaten at breakfast[4] or more courses.[5] Instead of as a formal meal the breakfast can be given to the recipient in a basket or hamper.


As part of a day where scheduled activities have been arranged, the breakfast may be served early in the day, or even at sunrise.[6] The breakfast may be as part of a cruise or tour.[7][8] It can be a part of honeymooning couple's itinerary,[9] or stay at a hotel, when it may be delivered to the couple in bed. This can also be a part of Valentine's day or a Valentine's Day holiday package.[10][11]


The breakfast can be delivered or served to someone as part of any treat acknowledging the person's worth, such as Mother's day.[12] or as a celebration of an event or achievement.[13] A champagne breakfast was even fed to Red Marauder when the horse won the Grand National.[14] It may be a tradition at some colleges for graduation,[15] such as Wells College and Bryn Mawr College. People may be awarded a Champagne breakfast as part of winning a competition.[16]

Business or charity[edit]

The breakfast may be hosted as a means of attracting people for the launch of a business, or a charity fundraiser.[17][18]

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