Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends

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"Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends" is a chiastic quote often attributed to the Irish painter Francis Bacon[1] (1909–1992) or the American musician Tom Waits (born 1949), but which is recorded as a toast dating to at least the nineteenth century.[2]

Other examples of its use include:

  • "Mr. Jorrocks then called upon the company in succession for a toast, a song, or a sentiment. Nimrod gave, 'The Royal Staghounds'; Crane gave, 'Champagne to our real friends, and real pain to our sham friends.'" Jorrocks's Jaunts and Jollities (1838), ch. 12, by R. S. Surtees
  • the title of an episode of One Tree Hill (season 3)
  • a song on the 2005 album From Under the Cork Tree by Fall Out Boy
  • a repeated line in the song "This One's for You" by Therapy? on their 2001 album Shameless
  • the chorus of Faderhead's 2014 song "Champagne and real pain"
  • a line that Edward Norton's character says in the 2002 Spike Lee film 25th Hour.
  • a line in Mike Cross's song "Dear Boss" on the 1985 album Solo at Midnight
  • a line delivered as a toast by actor Russell Johnson from the 1961 TV series Thriller, season 1, episode 16, "The Hungry Glass", based on a story by Robert Bloch
  • a line said by the character Dave Rose in the show Happy Endings, episode "Dave of the Dead"
  • a line said by the character Marnie in the show Girls, season 5 episode 6
  • a line by JP and his brother Tomothy while drinking champagne in British TV show Fresh Meat series 4 episode 6
  • in Bojack Horseman season 3 episode 8, Bradley Hitler-Smith brings champagne to a party saying, "champagne for my real friends!"
  • the title of a 2010 album by Alan Oldham
  • a bungled line in the song "Fake Champagne" by Seth Sentry on his 2015 album Strange New Past
  • a line said by the character Harley Quinn in the comic book Harley Quinn volume 3, issue #77

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