Championship Manager: Season 02/03

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Championship Manager:
Season 02/03
Cover art
Developer(s) Eidos Interactive
Publisher(s) Sports Interactive
Platform(s) Xbox
  • EU: 6 December 2002
Genre(s) Sports
Mode(s) Single-player

Championship Manager: Season 02/03 is a football management video game in the Championship Manager series, developed by Eidos Interactive and published by Sports Interactive, released exclusively for Xbox on 6 December 2002 in Europe only. The game featured up-to-date team and player data for over 100,000 footballers and staff, 27 worldwide leagues, and an updated FIFA transfer system.


Aggregate score
GameRankings87% (13 reviews)[1]
Review scores
Eurogamer9 out of 10[2]
OXM (UK)8.1 out of 10[1]
Gamer.tv8.9 out of 10[1]
Videogameslife4 out of 5[1]
Mad Gamers8 out of 10[1]

The game received generally positive reviews upon release. The game received an aggregate score of 87% from GameRankings based on 13 reviews.[1] stated "Championship Manager is, just like real football, endlessly frustrating... But, just like real football, can also be really, truly, utterly fantastic. Electrifying. A hoot".[3] Eurogamer noted "it’s one of the most insanely alluring gameplay experiences ever".[2] While commented "There is one enhancement - the joypad rumbles when a goal is scored. Woopee-freakin-do. And they've also included the new FIFA transfer regulations, so you now only get specific transfer windows. But it's hardly an enhancement that really improves your experience... Still a great game".[3]


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