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Chamravattom Temple
Coordinates: 10°49′08″N 75°57′10″E / 10.818885°N 75.952781°E / 10.818885; 75.952781Coordinates: 10°49′08″N 75°57′10″E / 10.818885°N 75.952781°E / 10.818885; 75.952781
Country  India
State Kerala
District Malappuram
 • Official Malayalam, English
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Vehicle registration KL-10,KL-54&KL-55
Nearest city Ponnani&Tirur
Lok Sabha constituency Ponnani

Chamravattom is a village located 7 km away from Ponnani in Malappuram district of Kerala, India. This serene village is on the shores of the Bharathapuzha, also known as Nila. Chamravattom is just 4 km from Ponnani by ferry across the Bharathapuzha river but by road, it is about 30 km.


The name Chamravattom originates from Sambaravattom, where there was a saint called Sambaran who used to meditate near the river Nila. It has been made famous by the presence of a temple dedicated to Lord Ayyappa, which is situated 100 meters inward to the river Nila. Innumerable pilgrims visit the temple during Mandalakalam.

Computer Literacy[edit]

With the fulfillment of the Akshaya Project initiated by the Kerala State information technology mission, Chamaravattom is now 100 per cent computer-literate. At least one member of each family will be able to use a personal computer for such tasks as editing pictures, composing text, surfing the Internet and sending e-mails.[1]

Chamravattom Regulator-cum-Bridge[edit]

This also known as Chamravattom Palam or Chamravattom Bridge or Chamravattom Regulator-cum-Bridge or Chamravattom RcB or just Chamravattom Project. Chamravattom Regulator-cum-Bridge, is built across Bharathapuzha aka Nila. This seems to be the largest of its type in Kerala.[2] The bridge has 978 m length and 10.5 m width. It connects Ponnani and Tirur.


Chamravattam has became one of the main route for vehicles.Regular buses ply between Tirur and Kavilakkad through Chamravattom. KSRTC buses run between Ernakulam-Malappuram, Tirur-Ponnani, Calicut-Guruvayur, Calicut-Ernakulam, Calicut-Alleppey, Calicut-Thiruvananthapuram, Ponnani-Bangalore. A large number of KSRTC buses including Super fast passenger,super fast,town-to-town,limited stop and ordinary buses run through chamravattam.


Chamravattom village is a predominantly Muslim populated area. Hindus exist in comparatively smaller numbers. So the culture of the locality is based upon Muslim traditions. Duff Muttu, Kolkali and Aravanamuttu are common folk arts of this locality. There are many libraries attached to mosques giving a rich source of Islamic studies. Most of the books are written in Arabi-Malayalam which is a version of the Malayalam language written in Arabic script. People gather in mosques for the evening prayer and continue to sit there after the prayers discussing social and cultural issues. Business and family issues are also sorted out during these evening meetings. The Hindu minority of this area keeps their rich traditions by celebrating various festivals in their temples. Hindu rituals are done here with a regular devotion like other parts of Kerala.[3]

Villages and suburbs[edit]

  • Poozhikkunnu, Alathiyoor and Thrppangode
  • Alingal, Perunthalloor and Kurikkalpady
  • Naripparamba, Eshwaramangalam and Kottathara
  • Kandakurumbakavu, C.V.Road and Edasherygramam
  • Uroob Nagar and Kollanpady


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