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Chan may refer to:


  • Alexandre Chan (born 1942) famous architect and awarded bridge designer.
  • Andrew Chan, an Australian criminal who was on death row in Indonesia; he was a member of Bali 9 and was executed in April 2015
  • Chan Marshall, American musician better known as Cat Power
  • Mam Nai, former lieutenant of the internal security branch of Khmer Rouge
  • Chan (surname), Chinese surname; Mandarin transcription of the same name is Chen (surname)
    • Agnes Chan (born 1955), Hong Kong singer, also famous in Japan
    • Charlie Chan, fictional Chinese-American
    • Eason Chan (born 1974), Hong Kong actor and singer
    • Francis Chan (born 1967), American preacher
    • Frankie Chan (born 1955), nephew of Brian Leung
    • Jackie Chan (born 1954), Chinese actor, action choreographer, film director, producer, martial artist, screenwriter, singer and stunt performer
    • Jordan Chan Siu-Chun (born 1967), Chinese singer
    • Johnny Chan (poker player) (born 1957), poker player
    • Kim Chan (1917–2008), American actor
    • Margaret Chan (born 1947), Director of World Health Organization
    • Moses Chan (born 1971), Hong Kong actor
    • Leighton Chan (born 1961), Physician Researcher
    • Patrick Chan (born 1990), Canadian figure skater
    • Priscilla Chan (born 1965), Hong Kong singer
    • Vincy Chan (born 1982), Cantonese pop singer from Hong Kong
    • Wing-tsit Chan (1901–1994), Chinese scholar
    • Yau-Man Chan (born 1952), Chief Technology Officer for Computing Services, Network Services, and Telecommunications at the University of California, Berkeley's College of Chemistry

East Asian expressions[edit]

  • Zen (禪), a school of Mahayana Buddhism, pronounced Chán in Mandarin Chinese
  • Chán (禅), a school of Mahayana Buddhism, primarily a Chinese Buddhist lineage
  • -chan, a Japanese honorific title

Computing and media[edit]

  • chan-, an abbreviation of IRC channel
  • CHAN-DT, a television station in Vancouver, British Columbia