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Chan Ho-nam
Young and Dangerous film series character
First appearanceYoung and Dangerous (1995)
Last appearanceYoung and Dangerous: Reloaded (2013)
Created byCow Man
Portrayed byEkin Cheng
Nicholas Tse
Him Law
NicknameBaby-faced Nam (靚仔南), Andy Chan
GenderMale/Cult Hero/Original Avatar
TitleGang leader
OccupationCauseway Bay branch leader
FamilyPaternal Grandmother
Father (mentioned)
Younger sister
Younger brother
Significant otherSmartie (first 3 films)
Mei Ling (last 2 films)
NationalityHong Kong /  Hong Kong

Chan Ho-nam (Chinese: 陳浩南), or Andy Chan, is the protagonist of the Hong Kong comic series Teddyboy (古惑仔) which later was adapted into a film series titled Young and Dangerous. He was born in Macau on 5 December 1968. He is a part of the fictional triad "Hung Hing". He is known as a loyal, powerful and righteous member. He was recruited at the age of 14 by "Gangster B" alongside his buddies Chicken, Dai Tin Yee, Pou Pei and Chou Pan. Outside of the comics, Chan Ho-nam is among one of the few that is considered a popular Manhua hero. Ekin Cheng played as Chan Ho-nam in the movie series which he became popular for while Nicholas Tse at the age of 16 portrayed as a Younger version of Ho-nam in the prequel. Originally Andy Lau was supposed to play Chan-Ho Nam but later the role was given to Ekin Cheng. In the films Ho-nam's famous Dragon Tattoo is placed on his shoulder but originally in the comics it's placed on his back.

Wong Jing has recently announced that he is producing a remake of Young and Dangerous titled Young and Dangerous: Reloaded (古惑仔之江湖新秩序), Chan Ho-nam will be played by Him Law.


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