Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College

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Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College
Csk badge color.png
4 Sheung Wo Street, Kowloon
 Hong Kong
Coordinates 22°19′10″N 114°11′00″E / 22.319431°N 114.183462°E / 22.319431; 114.183462Coordinates: 22°19′10″N 114°11′00″E / 22.319431°N 114.183462°E / 22.319431; 114.183462
Type Government funded Anglo-Chinese Boys'
Motto Laus Deo Semper
(Praise God always)
Established 1969
Founder St. John Baptist de La Salle
School district Kowloon City
Principal Mr. T.L. Lee
Grades Secondary 1–6
Enrollment 1097


Yearbook Leowlish
Affiliations Lasallian educational institutions

Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College (Traditional Chinese: 陳瑞祺(喇沙)書院; also abbreviated as CSK/CSKLSC and sometimes known as Chan Sui Ki College), is an Anglo-Chinese boys' secondary school in Homantin of Kowloon, Hong Kong, and was established in 1969 by the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, a Roman Catholic religious teaching order.


In April 1967 the Chan family approached the Jesuits to ask if they would be interested in taking over the running of a secondary school to the building of which they intended to contributing and in memory of their father Mr. Chan Sui Ki, a successful merchant and once the President of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, one of the well-known charity organizations in Hong Kong. Not wishing to accept the offer themselves, Fr. Cronin, the Provincial, proposed the offer to the La Salle Brothers. Eventually, it was decided that La Salle College accepts the offer and transfers the existing evening school operating in La Salle College to the new building. The evening school under the supervision of Brother Herman Fenton operated from 3:00 until about 8:00 p.m. The government would provide the site and an 80% subsidy. The Chan family would donate HK$500,000.

In December 1968, work began on the site. In April 1969 the foundation stone was laid by the then Director of Education, Mr. Gregg, and on 3 September the school moved into the classroom block—951 students and 34 teachers all told. All the while work on the school hall and the laboratories, library, geography, art-room, etc. and the Brothers' quarters (which unhappily provide an accommodation for only four) continued until 12 December when the building authority inspected the completed building in preparation for giving the final occupation permit. The official blessing and opening ceremony was performed on 12 February 1970 by Rev. Father Colombo P. P. and the Hon. J. Canning, Director of Education, respectively.

The community was inaugurated on 1 July 1969 when Brother Herman Fenton, Director and Brother Eugene Sharkey were appointed to the new school. Later they were joined by Brothers Cronan and Paul Hackett. Until the Brothers quarters were ready the community continued to reside in La Salle College.


The school is named by descendants of Mr. Chan Sui Ki, who at same time put up more than twenty free schools in Hong Kong and Macau, Canton, Foshan and elsewhere in memory of their father.

In 1936 Chan received the "Golden Dragon" medal from the Vietnamese Government in recognition of the help he had given in their troublesome times. On several occasions he sent donations to Northern China, Canton and Hong Kong and for years he distributed free rice to the needy of Macau.


Term Supervisor
1969–1972 Rev. Bro. Herman Michael Fenton F.S.C.
1972–1991 Rev. Bro. Eugene Sharkey F.S.C.
1991-2010 Rev. Bro. Thomas Blake Lawrence F.S.C.
2011- Mr. Lau Po Wah, Chris


Term Principal
1969–1970 Rev. Bro. Herman Michael Fenton
1970–1991 Rev. Bro. Eugene Sharkey
1991–1995 Rev. Bro. Thomas Blake Lawrence
1995–2005 Mr. B.K. Lee
2005–2010 Mr. K.K. Sze
2010 - Mr. T.L. Lee

Cheering songs and slogans[edit]

"Try our best"
Try our best! No regrets!
We are fighting for the glory!
All the boys in red with the Spirits!
CSK gains victory!
"Go Go Win The Race"
Go Go Win The Race! Run Run Run for C.S.K.!

"Go ahead"
Go ahead, show your talent, do your best.
We are from C.S.K!

"Sports Song"
Cheer cheer for our own school
Wake up the echoes, cheering her name
Send forth a volley of shouts on high
Bring down the thunder from out the sky
What though the odds be great or small
CSK will win over all
While her loyal sons go marching
Onward to victory
Rah Rah Rah

List of Head Prefects and Student Association's Presidents in the Past[edit]

Year Head Prefect
1969–1970 Tang Mi Sum Alan
1970–1971 So Chun Fai
1971–1972 Lee Cheung Tak
1972–1973 Wan Chuen Chung Joseph
1973–1974 Chan Siu Shing
1974–1975 So Hung Raymond
1975–1976 Leung Yat Fung James
1976–1977 Fu Ning Cheung Edward
1977–1978 Tang Yin Hoi
1978–1979 Chow Kai Cheung Isaac
1979–1980 Miao Ching Wang Bruce
1980–1981 Wong Kwok Kit
1981–1982 Kong Cho Hang Christopher
1982–1983 Ko Ka Lok
1983–1984 Yip Chi Yan
1984–1985 Chan Chung Keung Cary
1985–1986 Wong Siu Ming Stephen
1986–1987 Chan Kwok Ching
1987–1988 Lam Chan Kei
1988–1989 Ip Kwok Choi Reuben
1989–1990 Luk Kar Ho Brian
1990–1991 Chan Yiu Fai
1991–1992 Fung Chi Hang
1992–1993 Yiu Chi Pang
1993–1994 Tang Hei Hang Hayes
1994–1995 Lee Kam Lun Cameron
1995–1996 Yeung Chun Kong Anson
1996–1997 Wong Chun Ming Chris
1997–1998 Yuen Chun Yeung
Year Head Prefect Student Association's President
1998–1999 Li Wah Wong Ka Lam
1999–2000 Ng Kei Wai Raymond Hung Ling Fai Simon
2000–2001 Ho Chi Cheung William Leung Sze Yan Stephen
2001–2002 Lee Yu Chun John Luk Chun Shui
2002–2003 Hong Chun Wai Steeks Leung Man Chuen
2003–2004 Lao Ka Hou Terry Lok Kin Ping
2004–2005 Liu Chun Lam Boris Tse Kiu Cheung
2005–2006 Siu Ling Kit Cheng Darren Matthew
2006–2007 Lau Cheuk Sze Takashi Ho Wai Tat
2007–2008 Lung Chun Ho Yip Wai Hong
2008–2009 Yiu Kin Man Li Chi Wa
2009–2010 Chau Yim Hang Tam Kin Wai
2010–2011 Lee Wai Lok Reynold Ng Kwok Sum
2011-2012 Tang Chak Heng Andrew Tsang Man To
2012-2013 Lam Chun Fung Alex Shing Shui Yin Nelson
2013-2014 Wong Wai Cheung /
2014-2015 Mok Kai Chung Wong Chak Sun


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