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Castillo de Chancay.JPG
Country  Peru
Region Lima
Province Huaral
District Chancay
 • Mayor Jaime Cirilo Uribe Ochoa
 • Estimate (2015)[1] 63,378
Demonym Chancayano/a
Time zone PET (UTC-5)
Female figure, Chancay, Peru, 1000-1450 AD
For the French commune, see Chançay.

Chancay is a small city in the Lima Region of Peru. Its population is 26,958. The Chancay culture was a Pre-Columbian archeological culture, later part of the Inca Empire.

The main activity in Chancay these days is as a tourist resort for nearby Lima. The main attraction is El Castillo, a faux castle, recently repaired but constructed in the nineteenth century. There is a small museum in the castle displaying Chancay culture pottery and mummies.


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Coordinates: 11°33′55″S 77°16′17″W / 11.56528°S 77.27139°W / -11.56528; -77.27139