Chance RT-52

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Chance RT-52
Manufacturer Chance Coach, Inc.
Production 1976–2003
Body and chassis
Layout Front-engine
Doors 1 (behind front axle)
Floor type Step entrance
Length 7.04m
Successor Optima Opus

The Chance RT-52 was a front-engined small-sized transit bus built by Chance Coach, Inc. measuring only 25 ft 11 in (7.90 m) in length. It is primarily used as shuttle bus and normally carries 19 passengers. The maximum passenger capacity is 23 passengers. Its gross vehicle weight is 24,000 lb (11,000 kg), its wheelbase is 170 inches (4,300 mm), and it is 96 inches (2,400 mm) wide. [1]

These buses are notable because they were used in the "Wiki Wiki" route at Honolulu International Airport. The first wiki, called WikiWikiWeb, was named by its programmer, Howard Cunningham, after this line of buses. The buses were also purchased by Pace, primarily for use in Niles, Illinois; all have now been retired, with the last one running service routes in May, 2007.

Currently there are 8 used in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Wiki Wiki bus

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