Chance no Junban

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"Chance no Junban"
Chance no Junban Cover Type-A.jpg
Type A cover, featuring Sumire Sato, Haruka Nakagawa, Haruka Ishida, Mayumi Uchida, Haruna Kojima, and Ami Maeda.
Single by AKB48
from the album Koko ni Ita Koto
B-side "Yoyaku shita Christmas"
"Kurumi to Dialogue"
"Love Jump"
"Fruit Snow"
Released December 8, 2010 (2010-12-08)
Format CD Single, digital download
Recorded 2010
Genre J-pop
Length 4:19
Label You, Be Cool! / King
Songwriter(s) Yasushi Akimoto
Producer(s) Yasushi Akimoto
AKB48 singles chronology
"Chance no Junban"
"Sakura no Ki ni Narō"
"Chance no Junban"
"Sakura no Ki ni Narō"
Music video
"Chance no Junban" on YouTube

"Chance no Junban" (チャンスの順番, Chansu no Junban, "The Order of Chance") is Japanese idol girl group AKB48's 19th single, released on December 8, 2010.

Member selection[edit]

Following AKB48's July concerts at Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo, it was announced that the headlining "senbatsu" members for the 19th single would be decided in a janken (rock-paper-scissors) tournament among AKB48 members and four representatives of research students also decided by janken.[who?] The tournament was a bracketed, single knockout format with 51 members.[note 1] The top 16 were given senbatsu status and participated in the single. 12 of which would be given media senbatsu members.[clarification needed] The tournament was held at Nippon Budokan on September 21, and was won by Team K's Mayumi Uchida, who was given the center headlining position.


"Chance no Junban" was released in four different versions and cover variations, with the theater version being exclusively sold in the AKB48 theater in Akihabara, Tokyo. Versions A, K, and B contained a different third track aside from the title track and "Yoyaku shita Christmas", which was performed by one of the respective teams of AKB48. The theater version included a third track that was performed by Team Research Students. In addition to including their respective music videos, versions A, K, and B also included footages of the janken tournament that took place in Budokan in September. All first press releases was enclosed with a handshaking event ticket, to be redeemed later in national handshaking tours held across Japan in promotion of the single release.


"Chance no Junban" sold 471,242 copies in its first day, placing it on top of the Oricon daily chart,[1] and sold 54,780 more on the second day . The single has been certified triple platinum by the RIAJ for physical sales.[2]

All succeeding singles after Chance no Junban sold 1 million copies in their first week of release, starting the AKB48 Million Streak, which lasted until the 42nd single, Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Yasushi Akimoto.

Contributing members[edit]

Chance no Junban[edit]

(Bold indicates front members who appears on the cover of theater version of the single, number in brackets denotes final placements in the Janken Tournament)

Only 4 senbatsu members who appear in this single have appeared in the senbatsu lineup for the last single, Beginner (Haruna Kojima, Takajo, Atsuko Maeda, Kasai). Nakagawa made her return to senbatsu since last making it in Heavy Rotation. Kuramochi has not appeared in senbatsu since Iiwake Maybe, the 13th single. Kana Kobayashi and Natsuki Sato both reappeared in senbatsu after an absence of 3 years and 8 months (since the 3rd single, Keibetsu Shiteita Aijō). Finally, other members such as Uchida, Ami Maeda, Tanabe, Nakatsuka, Sakiko Matsui, Ishida, Sumire Sato, and Chikano are making their first senbatsu appearance in an AKB48 single.

Yoyaku shita Christmas[edit]

Kurumi to Dialogue[edit]

Performed by Team A

(Bold indicates center member)


Performed by Team K

(Bold indicates center members)

Love Jump[edit]

Performed by Team B

(Bold indicates center members)

Fruit Snow[edit]

Performed by Team Research Students


Chart Peak
Oricon Daily singles[1] 1
Oricon weekly singles[3] 1
Oricon monthly singles 3
Oricon yearly singles[4] 8
RIAJ Digital Track Chart weekly top 100 12
Preceded by
"Family (Hitotsu ni Naru Koto)" by KinKi Kids
Oricon weekly number-one single
December 20, 2010
Succeeded by
"Arigatō (Sekai no Doko ni Ite mo)" by Hey! Say! JUMP
Billboard Japan Hot 100 number-one single
December 20, 2010


  1. ^ The tournament originally consisted of 52 members, but Team K member Erena Ono had graduated.


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