Chances Peak

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Chances Peak
Chances Peak is located in Montserrat
Chances Peak
Chances Peak
Location in Montserrat
Highest point
Elevation 915 m (3,002 ft) [note 1]
Prominence 915 m (3,002 ft)
Coordinates 16°42′40″N 62°10′38″W / 16.71111°N 62.17722°W / 16.71111; -62.17722Coordinates: 16°42′40″N 62°10′38″W / 16.71111°N 62.17722°W / 16.71111; -62.17722
Location Montserrat, Caribbean
Mountain type Stratovolcano
Last eruption January 3, 2009

Chances Peak is the culminant point of the active complex stratovolcano named Soufrière Hills. It is the highest point in Montserrat, a British overseas territory located in the Caribbean Sea.

Chances Peak is on a destructive plate margin. The volcano itself is in the middle Caribbean plate, but this is because the North American Plate and the Atlantic Plate subducts beneath it, causing a buildup of pressure to form a volcano.

On 17 September 1965 a Boeing 707 aircraft operating as Pan Am Flight 292 flew into Chances Peak near the summit and was destroyed, killing the 30 people on board.[1]

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  1. ^ This elevation is for Chance's Peak, the traditional high point. However the lava dome in English's Crater is currently (2006) estimated at over 930 metres (3,051 ft) : see The CIA World Factbook on Montserrat.


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