Chandan fort

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Chandan Fort
इंद्राई किल्ला
Satara district, Maharashtra
Chandan Fort5.jpg
Chandan fort seen from Vandan fort
Chandan Fort is located in Maharashtra
Chandan Fort
Chandan Fort
Coordinates 17°50′50.7″N 74°02′41.3″E / 17.847417°N 74.044806°E / 17.847417; 74.044806
Type Hill fort
Height 3800Ft.
Site information
Owner Government of India
Open to
the public
Condition Ruins
Site history
Materials Stone
Shiva temple

Chandan Fort is located in Satara District. This fort is situated on a hilly spur from the main ridge of Sahyadri. This fort is frequently visited by trekkers and pilgrims.The villages at the base are rich in sugarcane and other cultivation.The Chandan and Vandan are adjacent forts. The trek to both the fort can easily be completed in a day.

Places of interest[edit]

The fort is in good condition. The main entrance gate is in ruins, There is a Gaus Pak Baba (Mebub-e-Subhani) Dargah, water cistern, and bastion on the fort. There is an old Shiva temple on the fort with two Linga sculpture. Every year in the month of Shravan there is a festival celebrated by nearby villages. The path to the fort passes through open area devoid of any vegetation. This fort has peculiar stone piled structure. The path on the fort passes between the piles.On the southern part of the fort are three rooms built in stone without any roof. They are believed to be store rooms.


According to the evidence from the manuscripts found written on copper plates the Chandan and vandan forts were built by King Bhoj-II of Shilahar Dynasty in 1191-1192. King Shivaji won these forts from Adilshah of Bijapur in 1673. It was under the control of the Marathas till 1689 after it passed in the hand of Moghuls. In 1707 it was won by Ch. Shahu Maharaj.[1]

How to reach[edit]

Nearest town is Bhuinj which is 87 km from Pune located on NH-4. There are no good hotels and resorts near the fort. There are two ways to reach the fort. one path starts from village Ibrahimpur(Banawadi) which is easiest one and the other one from Belmachi. The road from Bhuinj takes a detour around the fort hill to reach Dudhanwadi. The vehicles are to be kept on either villages and further a trekking of 1 hr leads to the fort. There are no good potable water bodies on the fort, however a night stay on fort is a memorable experience.If planned properly both the forts can be visited in a single day.The way from Pune is shared in the link[2]


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