Lama Dal and Chander Naun

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Lama Dal
LocationChamba district
Coordinates32°20′47″N 76°18′4″E / 32.34639°N 76.30111°E / 32.34639; 76.30111
Lake typeHigh altitude lake
Basin countriesIndia
Surface elevation3,960 m (12,990 ft)
ReferencesHimachal Pradesh Tourism Dep.

Lama Dal is a high altitude lake located in district Chamba (45 km from Chamba main town) about 3,960m above the sea level. It is also held sacred to Lord Shiva. It is part of holy pilgrimage that is held in July/August based on Hindu calendar. Kareri Lake is situated just 3 km (air distance) south west. This lake is a moderate/advance trekking destination accessible via Ghera (road accessible) - Kareri - Kareri Lake and also via mcleod gung (road accessible) - truid - bagga trail.

Chander Naun
LocationShimla district (Rohru)
Lake typeHigh altitude lake
Basin countriesIndia
Surface elevation4,260 m (13,980 ft)
ReferencesHimachal Pradesh Tourism Dep.

Chander Naun is a high altitude lake which is located in district Shimla, tehsil Rohru, about 4,260m above sea level. It is surrounded by snow for a long time and is the source of the river Pabbar.[1]


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