Dibrugarh-Chandigarh Express

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Dibrugarh-Chandigarh Express
Service type Superfast
Status Operating
Current operator(s) Northeast Frontier Railway
Start Dibrugarh (DBRG)
Stops 33
End Chandigarh (CDG)
Distance travelled 2639 km
Average journey time 56 hours and 20 mins
Service frequency Bi Weekly
Train number(s) 15903/15904
On-board services
Class(es) AC 2 Tier (2A), AC 3 Tier (3A), Sleeper (SL)
Seating arrangements Available
Catering facilities Available
Baggage facilities Available
Track gauge Broad Gauge
Operating speed 46 km/h
Route map
Dibrugarh - Chandigarh Express Route map

Chandigarh Dibrugarh Express is a weekly superfast express train which connects Chandigarh the capital of Punjab and Haryana in the North with the Tea City of India, Dibrugarh in Assam in the East.

Time Table[edit]

Train no. 15904 is from Chandigarh to Dibrugarh.
train no. 15903 is from Dibrugarh to Chandigarh.
The train leaves Chandigarh (CDG) on every Wednesday at 23:15 hours and reaches Dibrugarh (DBRG) at 6:15 hours every Sunday. [1]

Important stoppages[edit]

The train 15903 travels from Dibrugarh to Chandigarh and on the first day itself the train reaches Guwahati Railway Station, Paltan Bazaar, Guwahati at 07:35 pm. After a major 25 minutes stop, it recommences its journey to Chandigarh at 08:00 pm.[2]

The 15904 travels from Chandigarh to Dibrugarh which enters Guwahati Railway Station at 07:30 pm the third day. It restarts its journey to Dibrugarh at 07:55 pm, after standing for 25 minutes at Guwahati.[3]