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Chandler Center for the Arts (CCA), is located in Chandler, Arizona and is jointly owned by the City of Chandler and the Chandler Unified School District. The Chandler Center for the Arts functions dually as the home theater for Chandler High School and the arts center for the City of Chandler. The Chandler Center for the Arts receives no direct appropriations for artistic programming.[1] Any donations it receives must be applied only to the maintenance and operation of the actual building.


The Center's Exhibition Hall hosts free exhibits of visual arts in a variety of media and cultural origins.

The Vision Gallery is located in CCA, and features rotating displays by over 350 artists in such media as painting, watercolor, photography, mixed media, sculpture, ceramics, glass, textiles and metal.


The City of Chandler created the Chandler Cultural Foundation in 1989 [2] in order to create programming finance development for Chandler Center of the Arts. As the programming entity of CCA, the Chandler Cultural Foundation presents quality programs that would not otherwise be available in the community.[1]

The Center’s mission is: “To promote itself as a prominent and inclusive cultural institution by providing quality performing and visual arts programs that reflect the needs of a diverse community; and to raise funds to support programs and future needs of the Chandler Center for the Arts.” [3]

In 2006, CCA received the 2006 Governor’s Arts Award for excellence in educational, visual and performing arts programs.

Board of directors[edit]

  • Chairman: Ernie Serrano, Jr.,
  • Vice Chair: Christy Thompson
  • Secretary: Jennifer Daake
  • Treasurer: Steena Murray
  • Jessica Blanco, M.D.
  • Jerry Brooks
  • Anne DeRose
  • Lydia Gonzales
  • Steve Haase
  • Mark Knight
  • Barbara Meyerson
  • Linda Yarbrough


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