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Chandra Shekhar Ghosh born in 1960 at Bishalgarh in Tripura India, is the founder and chairman managing director of Bandhan, the first micro finance company to receive banking license in India.[1]

Education and early years[edit]

Ghosh was born in a low income refugee family of six children which came to Kolkata, India in 1973 from Bangladesh when Bangladesh became independent from Pakistan.
Ghosh's father Hariprada Ghosh owned a sweet shop.[2] Ghosh used to support his father at the shop along with his studies. He completed his Master's in statistics from Dhaka University in 1984. After completing his education he joined BRAC an NGO (non government organisation) in Bangladesh. Ghosh returned to India in 1997 and joined his family business later worked with several NGOs. Ghosh quit his last job at Village welfare society in 2000.[3]


Ghosh started his first venture named Bandhan Konnagar an NGO in November 2001 with a capital of INR 200000 ($3200) and three employees at Kolkata, West Bengal. The NGO provided finance to small and marginal women entrepreneurs in areas not assisted by banks. In 2009, Ghosh registered Bandhan as an NBFC (Non Banking Finance Company) with the Reserve Bank of India.

In 2014, the Reserve bank of India granted an approval for banking license to Bandhan.[4][5][6]


  • Forbes Entrepreneur with Social Impact 2014[7]
  • ET Entrepreneur of the Year 2014[8]


Ghosh lives in Kolkata along with his wife Nilima Ghosh and 21-year-old son Angshuman Ghosh.


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