Chandrabose Suthaharan

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Chandrabose Suthaharan <Ta>
DiedApril 16, 2007
OccupationEditor of Nilam
Notable credit(s)
Freelance Journalist

Chandrabose Suthaharan was a minority Sri Lankan Tamil editor of the Tamil magazine, Nilam, and he also wrote for other Tamil news media. He had earlier worked for Virakesari. He was shot and killed on April 16, 2007, in Thirunavatkulam in Vavuniya.


His killing is part of series of killings, abductions and attacks on journalists in Sri Lanka.[1] It was also seen as part of the intimidation of Tamil media.[2]


He was shot inside his house by six gunmen who entered his house. His eight-year-old son stated that the killers spoke both Tamil and Sinhala.[3] His home was located inside a government held area.

Government investigation[edit]

The International Press Institute has called in for an impartial government investigation.[4]

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