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Chandrakant Mandhare (Marathi: चंद्रकांत मांडरे, (13 August 1913 – 27 February 2001) was a well-known Marathi Film actor[1][2][3] and an artist.[4] He played different roles in Marathi films[5] and devoted his life to art. He was a master in paintings[4] and powder shading.

He donated his art gallery (at Nisarga Bangalow, Rajarampuri, 7th Lane, Kolhapur), to the Government of Maharashtra.

Born and brought up in Kolhapur; Chandrakant Mandhare joined the "Maharashtra Company" of Baburao Painter where he used to work as an artist, and used to paint posters for Marathi Films produced and directed by Baburao Painter. Inspired by his personality Baburao Painter was given a chance as an actor in one Marathi film Savkari Pash.

Later he got picked up by veteran Marathi film director Mr. Bhalji Pendharkar for acting as a hero. Mr. Chandrakant Mandhare never turned back then and acted in a variety of roles. In total he acted in 77 Marathi, 14 Hindi and 1 English film.

He was the elder brother[6] of noted marathi film and theatre actor Suryakant Mandre, popularly known as Suryakant

Films as actor[edit]

  • Chhatrapati Shivaji (1952)[7]
  • Punvechi Raat (1955)
  • Sangte Aika (1959)
  • Padada (1963)[7]
  • Swayamwar Zale Seeteche (1964)
  • Bai Mee Bholi (1967)
  • Patleen
  • Ek Mati Anek Nati (1968)
  • Mukkam Post Dhebewadi (1969)
  • Aai Ude Ga Ambabai (1973)
  • Soon Mazi Laxmi (1981)[7]
  • Bangarwadi (1995)..Karbhari[8]
  • Satichi Punyai


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