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Chandraketugarh is located in West Bengal
Shown within West Bengal
Location West Bengal, India
Coordinates 22°41′52″N 88°41′18″E / 22.69778°N 88.68833°E / 22.69778; 88.68833Coordinates: 22°41′52″N 88°41′18″E / 22.69778°N 88.68833°E / 22.69778; 88.68833
Type Settlement
Founded 400 BC to 800 BC
Abandoned 12th century AD
Chandraketugarh. Sunga 2nd-1st century BCE
Chandraketugarh.Sunga Fecondity
Chandraketugarh. Sunga With Child

Chandraketugarh is an archaeological site located beside the Bidyadhari river, about 35 km north-east of Kolkata, India, in the district of North 24 parganas, near the township of Berachampa and the Haroa Road railhead.

Years of excavation have revealed relics of several historical periods, although the chronological classification of the relics remains incomplete.

Finds include Northern Black Polished Ware (NBPW) relics, later wares dated from about 400 BC to 100 BC and approximately contemporary with the Maurya period, as well as from the more recent Kushanas and Gupta periods.

According to some historians, the Chandraketugarh site and surrounding area could be the place known to ancient Greek and Roman writers as having the same name as the river Ganges (Γάγγης)[1] sometimes referred to as 'Gangaridai'.

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