Chandrima Uddan

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Chandrima Uddan
Chandrima Uddan (06).jpg
Main entrance of Chandrima Uddan
Type Botanical garden
Location Shere-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Area 74 acres
Status always open

Chandrima Uddan or Chandrima Udyan (Bengali: চন্দ্রিমা উদ্যান; Chandrimā "moon" Udyān "park") also, Zia Uddan (after Ziaur Rahman) is a park situated across the road of the national parliament house, in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The park is notable for being the place where the former Bangladeshi President, Ziaur Rahman was buried. It is connected to the road with a bridge which runs over the Crescent Lake (from which the park derives its original name). According to a 2014 Dhaka Tribune article, "Illegal establishments, drug addicts, hookers, muggers and petty criminals have robbed the park of most of its beauty."[1]



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Coordinates: 23°46′01″N 90°22′41″E / 23.767°N 90.378°E / 23.767; 90.378