Chang-Gu World Trade Center

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Chang-Gu World Trade Center
Chang-Gu World Trade Center

The Chang-Gu World Trade Center (Chinese: 長谷世貿聯合國大樓; pinyin: Zhǎnggǔ Shìmào Liánhéguó Dàlóu), also known as Grand 50 Tower, is a 222 meters (728 ft) tall skyscraper in Sanmin District of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It was completed in 1992 and was designed by C.Y. Lee & Partners. It has 50 floors, the first building in Taiwan to have 50 floors or over, note the alternative name.

After its completion in 1992, the Chang-Gu World Trade Center became the tallest building in Taiwan. However, it only kept this title for 6 months when the Shin Kong Life Tower in Taipei was completed in early 1993. It kept the title as the tallest building in Kaohsiung for 5 years until the completion of the Tuntex Sky Tower in 1997. The building is currently the 188th tallest building in the world and 4th tallest in Taiwan.

The building follows a Chinese pagoda style and has an octagonal base to be stable against high winds which are typical in Taiwan as it is prone to typhoons. During the buildings test phase, it was tested to pressures equivalent of wind speeds in excess of 300 mph. It was also tested to withstand earthquakes which are commonplace in Taiwan.

The buildings crown follows the same perimeter as the rest of the building however it stands on an elaborate, thin base. The underside of the crown is lit up at night however the rest is not. The top is home to the Grand 50 Club which is managed by the Peninsula Group based in Hong Kong. The Grand 50 Club is known as a prestigious night-spot.

The building contains a car park with 280 spaces available. This located underneath the building, covering five underground floors. The atrium is 21 stories high and is clad in Spanish granite. At the top of the building is a helicopter pad.


The building is accessible within walking distance North East from Kaohsiung Station of the Kaohsiung MRT or Taiwan Railway Administration.

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Preceded by
Asia-Pacific Financial Plaza
Tallest building in Taiwan
1992 – 1993
Succeeded by
Shin Kong Life Tower

Coordinates: 22°38′35.25″N 120°18′53.69″E / 22.6431250°N 120.3149139°E / 22.6431250; 120.3149139