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Type of business Private
Available in English
Founded 2012
Headquarters San Francisco, CA
Key people Matthias Wagner, Sacha Tueni, Chloë Bregman, BC Broussard, and Brooks Hassig
Industry Internet
Employees 5
Current status Active is a site based on quotes from various individuals ranging from celebrities to intellectuals, to even entrepreneurs.[1][2] It is described as, "[a] place where people can be inspired and inspire others."[3]

History[edit] was initially created by a team of entrepreneurs in San Francisco, California who co-founded and work on the startup named Zerobird. In 2012, former Facebook employees Sacha Tueni and Matthias Wagner were working on app for a Twitter client, but attaining interest from investors was proving difficult. Focusing on a separate project, they built a tribute site to Steve Jobs that overlaid his best advice on top of stark, black-and-white photos of Jobs himself. The site quickly went viral, accumulating 3 million pageviews in about 48 hours. They then repeated that approach with many other famous figures like Albert Einstein and Lady Gaga, with similar results. This led to a platform where anybody could share and accumulate "bits and pieces of aspirational wisdom" - The creation of[1][3][4]


Red Bull featured one of the ChangeMakrs quotes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, which made the founders realize the potential of the site. They began speaking with other Red Bull-sponsored athletes, and ran a quote by kiteboarder Ruben Lenten.[5] Matthias Wagner has also considered, as a further idea, a negotiation with Amazon; to possibly get a share of profits if people bought items from the site - Amazon - that provided context on a quote (seen on that was said in a book or a movie.[6]


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