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Change album 2010.jpg
Studio album by Every Little Thing
Released March 24, 2010
Length 50:07
Label Avex Trax
Producer Masato Matsuura (exec.)
Every Little Thing chronology
Every Best Singles: Complete
(2009)Every Best Singles: Complete2009
Singles from Change
  1. "Dream Goes On"
    Released: September 23, 2009
  2. "Tsumetai Ame"
    Released: November 18, 2009
  3. "Change"
    Released: February 24, 2010

Change is the ninth album of the Japanese pop rock group Every Little Thing, released on March 24, 2010. Mitsuru Igarashi, who left the band in 2000 after the release of the studio album Eternity, returned to compose this album, with most of the songs composed by him. The members of 'Every Little Thing' still remain as Kaori Mochida and Ichiro Ito.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Arranger(s) Length
1. "Change" Kaori Mochida Mitsuru Igarashi Igarashi[a] 4:49
2. "Aoi Kirameki" (青い煌めき; Blue gleam) Igarashi Igarashi Igarashi[a] 4:28
3. "Spearmint" Igarashi Igarashi Igarashi[a] 4:37
4. "Wasureenu Hito" (忘れえぬ人; Unforgettable person) Mochida Kazuhito Kikuchi Yuta Nakano[a] 5:14
5. "Jūnikagetsu" (12ヶ月; 12 months) Igarashi Kikuchi Nakano[a] 5:02
6. "Heart Rate Of The City" (Instrumental)   Ichiro Ito Yasunari Nakamura[b] 1:05
7. "Mayonaka no Highway" (真夜中のハイウェイ, Midnight highway) Mochida Igarashi Igarashi[a] 4:47
8. "Dream Goes On" Mochida Igarashi Igarashi[a] 4:29
9. "Sketchbook" (スケッチブック) Igarashi Igarashi Igarashi[a] 4:10
10. "Snowscape" (Instrumental)   Ito Nakamura[b] 2:05
11. "Ren" (蓮 -れん-; Lotus) Mochida Igarashi Igarashi[a] 4:41
12. "Tsumetai Ame" (冷たい雨; Cold rain) (Album version) Mochida Igarashi Igarashi[a],
String & Woodwind instrument arrangement: Ittetsu Gen
No. Title Length
1. "Dream Goes On" (Music Video) 4:50
2. "Dream Goes On" (Off Shot) 3:56
3. "Tsumetai Ame -Music Clip ver.-" (Music Video) 3:49
4. "Change" (Music Video) 4:32
5. "Change" (Off Shot) 3:54
6. "Silent Night" (from Premium Xmas Concert 2009) 2:20
7. "Koi wo Shiteiru" (from Premium Xmas Concert 2009) 4:23
8. "Swimmy" (from Premium Xmas Concert 2009) 3:23
9. "Behind The "Meet" Volume 01"  
  • ^a co-arranged by Every Little Thing
  • ^b co-arranged by Ichiro Ito


Release Chart Peak position
March 2010 Oricon Daily Albums Chart 2
Oricon Weekly Albums Chart 8