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Change of Heart masthead from spring 2009

Change of Heart is a quarterly street newspaper produced and sold in Lawrence, Kansas. It was founded by Craig Sweets in late 1996.[1][2] who says the idea of starting a street newspaper was given to him by Michael Stoops, the director of the National Coalition for the Homeless.[3][4] The paper is a member of the North American Street Newspaper Association (NASNA),[5] and is the only street newspaper in Kansas.[1]

Like most street newspapers, it is written mostly by the homeless and is sold by homeless vendors; it has also been supported by a grant from the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation.[1] The paper usually includes coverage of news and events relevant to the homeless community; editorials, poetry, stories, and artwork contributed by the homeless; a directories of resources for the homeless and ways that non-homeless readers can aid the homeless community.[3]

The paper claims a readership of about 1200 per quarter.[3][4] In 1999 the paper was named "Best New Street Newspaper in North America" by NASNA.[3] At the time, the paper was a single page printed on both sides and published using local churches' photocopiers;[3] today it is 10 pages long and has its own staff and computers.[1]

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