Change of Mind

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Change of Mind
Film Poster
Directed by Robert Stevens
Produced by Seeleg Lester
Dick Wesson
Henry S. White
Written by Seeleg Lester
Dick Wesson
Starring Raymond St. Jacques
Susan Oliver
Janet MacLachlan
Leslie Nielsen
Music by Duke Ellington and Orchestra
Cinematography Arthur J. Ornitz
Edited by Donald Ginsberg
Distributed by Cinerama Releasing Corporation
Release date
Running time
98 Min.
Country United States
Language English

Change of Mind (1969) is a science fiction/drama film starring Raymond St. Jacques, Susan Oliver, Janet MacLachlan, and Leslie Nielsen.


A married couple struggles to adjust when the husband's brain is transplanted into the skull of a black man.

David Rowe (St. Jacques) is a white district attorney who must now live his life as a black man. His wife Margaret (Oliver) tries to deal with the transformation of her husband's appearance as David feels the stings of racial prejudice for the first time.

Sheriff Webb (Nielsen) is a local lawman who resents the district attorney, but after the sheriff kills his own black mistress, he must rely on David for his legal defense.

Margaret has trouble being intimate with the man she knows is still her husband. Rowe investigates the murder of the young black woman while his superiors, friends and family treat him differently.



Spain : Cambio de mente[1]
Greece : Gefsi apo klemmeni idoni[1]
Italy : Impostor Involuntario[2]

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